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Additional IDSS Software Subscription

You may order an additional IDSS software subscription to install IDSS on an additional PC or laptop. This is not an extension of your existing subscription but a new license to enable IDSS to be used on more than one PC. This subscription is valid for 6 months.


IDSS Interface Module Kit

This kit unit includes the following hardware:
  1. 1 IDSS Interface module
  2. 1 USB cable
  3. 1 DLC cable
  4. 1 IDSS Installation CD
Also included is the following support:
  1. Support desk technical support
  2. 6 month IDSS subscription (a $1,000 value). Your IDSS subscription may also be extended for 6 extra months for an additional $1,000. (See subscription extension below)
What is included with the IDSS hardware module?
IDSS software contains Service information (including Electrical Troubleshooting Manual), Scan Tool, Service Programming, Bulletins, and some training to support all Isuzu manufactured products. The IDSS software is designed for use with the IDSS Interface module.

Which vehicles does IDSS support?
IDSS supports only U.S. or Canadian specification Isuzu vehicles at this time. Select a model year to see specific information about model coverage within IDSS:

What is included with an IDSS subscription?
An IDSS subscription enables you to register your product and receive periodic web updates through the Internet to update your Interface module with new models, functionality and programming capabilities.


IDSS Software Subscription Extension

A IDSS software subscription extension will extend your ability to receive periodic web updates to your IDSS hardware module for an additional 6 months. Included in the web updates are the addition of new models, new functionality and new programming capabilities. An IDSS subscription also enables you to register your product.


Replacement DLC Cable for IDSS

The DLC cable connects from the IDSS hardware unit itself to a vehicle for communications between the vehicle and the IDSS Interface module, and together with the USB cable, communications between the Interface module and a PC or laptop.


Replacement USB Cable for IDSS

This USB cable connects from the IDSS hardware unit itself to a laptop or PC for communications between the PC and the IDSS Interface module, and together with the DLC cable, communications between the Interface module and the vehicle.


USB / DB-9 Adapter

The USB DB-9 adapter converts the DB-9 adapter from a serial port tool to a USB tool for a PC without an available serial port. By attaching the DB-9 adapter to one end and the USB end into a PC or laptop, the adapter can connect to a Tech 2 scan tool with the use of a RS-232 cable. The link that is formed is able to download calibrations, to program vehicles, and to update the Tech 2 scan tool to the latest software release.